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Our final rush:

Closing Torino Silicon Valley in May...than SVST 2014!

Torino University ( March 21st) Ancona (March 27th) Novara ( March 31st)....than ready to SVST 2014!

Italiani di Frontiera all'Università di Padova 

February 14th, 2 pm

Italiani di Frontiera in Cà Foscari, Venice

February 13th, 3,30 pm

Italiani di Frontiera in Poli Milano-MIP with Innovits, January 28th, 7pm

Italiani di Frontiera in TAG Genova, January 23rd, 5,30 pm. Parco Tecnologico degli Erzelli

Italiani di Frontiera in the Italian Universities, Genova, Poli Bari, Napoli Federico2°, Roma Sapienza, Pisa Normale, Torino Uni conferences. October 21- November 25 2013. Go to Post and Forum for more info!

Italiani di Frontiera Silicon valley Tour October 7-11, 2013 leaded by Roberto Bonzio and Carola Pescio Canale Columbus Town!

Start up Week End Genova

September 20-22, 2013 , it has been a great week end!

Silicon Valley Study Tour 2013...starting on August 19th...ready to go!

Italia Silicon valley, 9 conferences in video streaming by  February 22- April 9, 2013...go to the relevant Forum

Torino Silicon Valley, start in Torino University on March 8th. Other conferences on March 15th 22th 29th (Program in the relevant Forum)

Genova Silicon Valley, last conference on April 9th  (relevant forum)


Novara Silicon Valley , 5th Edition, start December 13th (relevant Forum for the 2013 conferences)


Catania Silicon Valley , 2nd Edition, let's start December 11th (relevant Forum)


Palermo Silicon Valley , 2nd Edition, let's start December 6th (relevant Forum)

Genova Silicon valley ,10th Edition, let's start!  November 29th, 2012 go to the Forum for the  conference Program.

Brescia Silicon valley, 3rd Edition , let's start!. November 9th, 2012...go to the Forum for the 3 conference Program.  

13th SVST for 19 Attendees, Grads and Undergrads of 7 Italian top Italian Universities (August 20-24th, 2012);

14th SVST for 14 Attendees, managers and entrepreneurs (August 27th-31st). Coordinators: Paolo Marenco and Jeff Capaccio


1st Silicon Valley Study Tour Alumni Meeting is coming!  Genova, May 26th, 3 to 6 pm Paolo Marenco & Jeff Capaccio present!


Genova Silicon valley , 4 conferences about Energy, ICT and VC,  start in Villa Cambiaso - School of Engineering with Fondazione RUI on March 29th at 5 pm. Go to the relevant Forum for the full Program and the discussion after each conference.


Milano Silicon valley , 5 conferences about Energy and VC,  start in Fondazione RUI on March 5th. Go to the relevant Forum for the Program.


Catania Silicon valley ended on mid February...selection for SVST 2012 in progress!


Palermo Silicon Valley , just started with Augusto Coppola Conference. 3 more ( 1 December and  2 January) than selection for Silicon Valley Study Tour 2012. 


Brescia Silicon valley, 2nd Edition , last 2 conferences. November 23rd,  with Paolo Marenco and Andrea Vaccaro, coordinator and attendee of the 1st SVST; November 29th, Grand final with 2 startuppers, Marco Gafforini and Alessandro Tortorici


Silicon valley Study Tour 2012 for Torino  Lingotto TOSM 2011, November 16th.



Sicily Liguria Study Tour, for 4 students American Italian from Delaware,Buffalo,Washington,Georgia Tech Uni.s  to discover Science and tech in 2 Italian Regions. Supported by NIAF and Foreign Affairs Italian Minister October 17-24th, 2011. Program in the Group.


Brescia Silicon valley, 2nd Edition , we start October 12th, 2011 with davide Dattoli and the announce of Brescia Start up Week End of October 28-30th.


Here we are, again! August 22nd, in Stanford University hosted by Jeff Cabili and Enzo Carrone - SLAC , we start the 8th and 9th Silicon Valley Study Tour...2 intensive weeks of meeting in companies and Universities for 42 attendees, Grads of 14 Italian Universities, startupper and entrepreneurs. 

From August 29th, the 10th SVST starts, again from Stanford, 1 week Tour for 22 Assolombarda and AIB managers and Entrepreneurs, leaded by Roberto Bonzio, author of Italiani di Frontiera 



From March 31st in Novara Piemonte Orientale University, the first, to June 9th in Torino Politecnico, the last: 13 conferences- see program in the relevant Forum- in Novara, Torino and Brescia Universities to select the attendees from those Universities to the 8th Silicon valley Study Tour.

May 13th, Silicon Valley Study Tour in Bari Politechnic, 11 am , see the relevant Forum


8th Silicon valley Study Tour, August 22nd- Sept 1st, 2011

You can find the preliminary program in the relevant Group


"Genova Silicon Valley" last 2 conferences to be selected to attend the Silicon Valley Study Tour (August 22-Sept 1):

1- February 18, 9am-6pm, "IT Security

2- March 11, 2,30-7 pm , "Automation and Industrial Electronics"

Engineering Faculty, Villa Cambiaso-Via Montallegro 1 Genova


Loris Degioanni, after the great exit of last October of to Riverbed Technology, tell his story at Politecnico di Torino, January 10th, 2011 at 10 am


November 8th to 12th, 2010: 7th Silicon Valley Study Tour organized for NIAF and Italian Foreign Office: 7 attendees selected from the IFO. Coordinator of the Tour is Michele Simonato, our Member.

November 2nd, 2010, 5pm Torino University, Via Verdi 8, Torino- Cloud Computing Vittorio Viarengo - VP Desktop Product VMware- Palo Alto

November 3rd, 2010, 4pm Villa Cambiaso, School of Engineering, Via Montallegro 1 -Genoa-I .From Genoa to Silicon valley: Vittorio Viarengo -VMware and Marco Marinucci- Google tell their stories.

November 4th, 2010, 5pm MIP Alumni, Poli MI Bovisa, Via Lambruschini -Milano- From Rugby to Software: the Scrum Vittorio Viarengo - VP Desktop Product VMware- Palo Alto

7th Silicon Valley Study Tour going on from November 8th to 12th, in cooperation with Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry


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The SiliconValleyStudyTour links Italian graduates, researchers and business angels with Italian executives and startuppers worldwide.


About Silicon Valley Study Tour Network


In August 2005, La Storia nel Futuro and SVIEC (the Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council) teamed up to launch the very first Silicon Valley Study Tour.

Paolo Marenco, President of La Storia nel Futuro and Jeff Capaccio, Chair of the highly influential, 400 plus member, SVIEC, created a thoughtful series of seminars, taught by top executives from some of the Silicon Valley's most cutting-edge startups, well established technology giants and prestigious venture capital firms, to expose graduate and graduating engineering and business students, from leading Italian Universities, to the unique entrepreneurial culture of the Silicon Valley.

The results have exceeded Paolo’s and Jeff's expectations, producing multiple internships and doctoral theses in US,  employment opportunities, incubators and start ups in Italy.

The main spin off are:  Aizoon  by Franco Cornagliotto -Marenco is Aizoon's Director since its birth in October 2005 - The Hub Milan by Nicolò Borghi,   The Hub Rovereto by Jari Ognibeni,   Creonomy by Nicolò Borghi and Corrado Alesso,   Alabs by Mattia AccorneroHK Horticultural Knowledge by Emanuele PierpaoliRegalister  by Davide Bertarini, Wheresup by Theo Gonella, Cam On Net by Edoardo Tosetti and Alessandro Giuliano, Hint Club  by Massimiliano Brigonzi all founded by  SVST Alumni, after their attendance.

Carlo Alberto Pratesi, marketing Professor of Roma Tre University, after attending the SVST 2007 and 2008, launched in Rome in 2009  Innovaction Lab with Paolo Merialdo and Augusto Coppola, great school of entrepreneurship for wannabe startuppers. All of the participants return to Italy with a renewed excitement, new tools, new perspectives and a burning desire to one day succeed as entrepreneurs and technology executives.

On May 26th, 2012, all the Alumni met in Genova University, School of Engineering, where the project was born, in 2005.
300+ are the Alumni, since the beginning in 17 editions.

In 2013 the Technology Scouting Project in Silicon Valley for European Companies was born, supported by the Italian Foreign Ministry. The project is managed in Silicon Valley by selected SVST Alumni.

Since 2009  La Storia nel Futuro and SVIEC support NIAF in organizing Italy Study Tours for American Italian Undergrads, never been before in Italy,  to discover the tech excellence of Italy. The project is supported by the Italian Foreign Ministry. The first edition has been in June 2009, for 34 US students to Genova, Torino and Milano. The second edition  has been in October 2011, for 4 Students to Sicily and Genova. The third in June 2013, in Lombardy and Liguria,  for 7 students.

Our Goal

The Silicon Valley Study Tour seeks to create and maintain an important bridge between young graduates, researchers, business angels, "start-uppers", managers and entrepreneurs from Italy with the many successful Italian and Italian American high tech, biotech and venture capital executives in the Silicon Valley. SVIEC plays a critical role in fostering this bridge as it remains the only organization to have assembled the top Italian and Italian American high tech, biotech and venture capital executives, all of whom serve as outstanding role models, mentors and potential business partners for Italy's next generation of entrepreneurs and technology executives.

Tech scouting in the Silicon Valley

The project idea was born during the 14th SVST- August 2012- pushed by two italian entrepreneurs, attending the Tour. It is developed  in a multiclient way, for 10 Italian Companies by  4 Tech Scouts,  selected SVST Alumni

The Goal: to scout technologies and  biz contacts inside the Silicon Valley ecosystem, useful for the needs of the 10 companies.

How to take part in a Silicon Valley Study Tour

Read here for more information on how to take part in the Silicon Valley Study Tour.

Blog Posts

MIT Students Intern in Italy-June August 2014

Hey all, we have 8 super MIT students happy to come in intern in Italy- June 1st/ August 20, 2014.

The cost for the host is 1800 Euro, net /each, plus hosting in a room, better with a colleague ( or colleague family).

It is often preferable for companies to "donate" the interns' stipend to the Mit-Italy program which gives it to the student

Take the chance to have a skype call with who is interesting for your company- start up…


Posted by paolo marenco on March 31, 2014 at 9:00pm

#SVST : Dreaming with .... The summary

Hi guys! 

I'm Paolo David, I'm 21 I study Informatic Engineering in Palermo and i was impressed by the conference of Silicon Valley Study Tour. I want to summarize you my own initiative: #SVST : Dreaming with ..

After the conference of presentation i thought : how to make the forum of the siliconvalleystudytour a more than a simple forum ? It can represents a bridge with those Italians who…


Posted by Paolo David on March 27, 2014 at 2:26pm

Italiani di Frontiera in the Italian Universities 2013-2014

After a conference project rolling around Six Top Italian Universities- Genova, Bari, Napoli, Roma Sapienza, Pisa Normale, Torino- between  October and November 2013 supported by Italian Foreign Ministry...we  started the 2014 round  in Milano Mip- January 28th up to Novara Fondazione Novara Sviluppo, April…


Posted by paolo marenco on February 15, 2014 at 12:00pm

Machine Learning: a Crash Course, @DIBRIS Feb 18th-21st, free registration!

"Machine Learning: a Crash Course" @ DIBRIS. Feb 18th-21st. Reg. due Feb 10th. Info . Website…


Posted by Raffaello Camoriano on February 2, 2014 at 11:30am

Bologna University, Agraria Dept- January 30th

We are pleased to tell our story in the attached conference to be held in Agraria Dept of Bologna University, January 30th.

The reason ( and the link) is  Emanuele Pierpaoli SVST 2007 Alumno- and member of this SN- , at that time Agraria Bologna Student, after the SVST founded with 2 colleagues a Start up, HK Consulting for  fruit growth control ....nice success story!…


Posted by paolo marenco on January 21, 2014 at 4:30am

Italiani di Frontiera Silicon Valley Tour 2014

Ready to start the booking for the Silicon Valley Tour leaded by our friend Roberto Bonzio, inventor of Italiani di Frontiera blog, last week of next April. Cool program and great group made by Entrepreneurs, Startupper, Managers and Researchers. Deadline for booking postponed at  March  11th , 2014…


Posted by paolo marenco on January 12, 2014 at 7:30am

We GO in SF ;-)

Posted by paolo marenco on December 25, 2013 at 5:36am

Italiani di Frontiera in the Italian Universities!

Here  we are, the first time together on the stage, Roberto Bonzio and me, with many SVST tell the stories of Italians that made the difference...or are in the way to.

We start in October 21st in Genova University with the Great Speaker of the picture, Vittorio Viarengo, than November 2013, 19th 21st 22nd 25th in other 4 major Uni's- Bari, Roma, Pisa, Torino- supported by the Italian Foreign Ministry..we…


Posted by paolo marenco on October 17, 2013 at 4:00am

Great advice for startupper from Linkedin Founder

"Today, LinkedIn seems like an obvious investment to have made in 2004. But at the time of the Series B financing, LinkedIn had spent its $4 million from Series A building a network that was much smaller than Friendster, MySpace, etc. We had no revenue, or even revenue-capable products.

The journey from founding, to multiple rounds of financing, to IPO, was not easy. All startups go through real Valley-of-the-Shadow moments, in which they wonder why they ever thought their business… Continue

Posted by paolo marenco on October 16, 2013 at 1:55am


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