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How to attend to the Silicon Valley Study Tour- SVST

Since 2005 some italian Universities- Politecnico di Torino, Università di Genova, Università di Bologna, Università del Piemonte Orientale di Novara, Università di Roma 3, Università di Brescia, Università di Palermo, Università di Catania - promoted conference cycles held by managers and entrepreneurs of their cities and regions, to spread among their students  their relevant experience. At the end of the conference cycles, organized with the cultural association La Storia nel Futuro that invented the project in 1998, a selected  number of participants,  students or graduates that attendeed all the conferences held in that University, could participate to the SVST.

The selection is made also by the Discussion Forum about the conference topics, held in this SN.

This selected group participate to one week Silicon Valley Study Tour Study organized by La Storia nel Futuro and , the Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council, end of August of every year.

The tour foresees the visit to 8-10 companies and start ups, incubators, and the Universities of Stanford and Berkeley. 21 SVST's have been organized since 2005, with the participation of 200 italian University students . The majority of them are the promoters of this Social Network, born in September 10th, 2007, thanks to the great human experience of the 3rd SVST, concluded September 8th. Administrator of the SN is its founder, Nicolò Borghi, attendee to SVST 2007 and 2008, after that start upper in Milan with The Hub and

More than 100  Italian Managers and Entrepreneurs, operating in the Silicon valley and around the World, are Members of this Social Network.

Since 2011 also for Managers and Entrepreneurs is possible to attend to the SVST, thanks to the agreement between  La Storia nel Futuro  and the major Industrial and Manager Associations in Italy.

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Hi everybody!!
I'm an italian student of the Politecnico of Turin. I'm attending the Master's degree in Micro and Nanotechnology for integrated systems and in february 2008 I'll have to start my final internship for the thesis. I would really like to do that in the USA. If I succeed in do that in the Silicon Valley, I'll be very very glad!! It's a dream!! I'm really interested in the physics of micro and nanostructures mainly.
Is there someone that could be help me in realizing this dream??
Thanks a lot......
When will be the coming visit to SV of 2008? And what is the process of application? the qualification?
Qing, next Silicon Valley Study Tour is provided from August 25 to September 5. Politecnico di Mialno is thinking a way to send also own graduades or under-graduates. Possibly something will be told about it during next tuesday seminar....
I am a student who attended to some conefences of Silicon Valley Study Tour in University of Genova. I am working on my thesis now, but I will take my degree in March (so I have just one mounth to work hardly ....). I would like coming to visit Silicon Valley with the tour organized for 2008. I will be very glad to visit Silicon Valley and companies associated to SIVIEC, It would be a drem for me: i would like spent some years working in USA and I think that this tour wolu be a good experience to do.
I don't know if I can be selected to visit Silicon Valley, I couldn't attend all conferences...I'm working on my thesis very hard. How is possible to know if I have been selected to come in S. Valley?
Thank you...
Giovanna Scognamiglio.
Giovanna , if you send me an email I send you the format to apply and tell you the rules
Wow, Thank you!
I send an e-mail!
Giovanna Scognamiglio.
I try to explain the procedure, up to February 16. The next Study Tour ( August 25, Sept 5) will have a number , not yet defined, of graduate students from Genova , Torino, Bologna, Novara ( maybe Roma and Pisa) Universities. Every University has his own metodology to select the participants, that could be covered by a full or partial grant. PoliMilano- Acceleratore is thinking about a possibility to select his own candidates.
Moreover, depending the total number of participants we , as Social Network, could select one or more of our young Members to come in Study Tour. For this decision we have to see how many will be the participants selected by the Universities. There is a maximum number for the group, according to last year experience. Everybody interested is advised to have a Digital Passport for USA ready in time!!
Get in touch
Intership opportunities at HP Labs and Digital the posts!!
next important conference!lunedì 3 marzo 2008 alle 17 Aula Magna Magna B1 della Facoltà di Ingegneria, Via All'Opera Pia 15 a, Genova per il 5° ciclo di conferenze La Storia nel Futuro. Relatore: Giuseppe Oriana Presidente - MT Montalbano Technology "RFID: il controllo in radiofrequenza, tecnologia guida per applicazioni in diverse aree di business" from: 14th of February 2007, Intesa Sanpaolo signed a contract of investment in MT stock The first Italian Bank will invest € 1.5 mi…...more in the post
Davide Donini, SVST team 2007, opened an interesting Forum on Working in Accenture...go and see !
Guys and girls...look at Mind the Bridge post of Marco Marinucci...ideas for your future!
Can someone help me and explian me how to apply for the Silicon valley study tour???







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