Silicon Valley Study Tour

Here we are, ready to start the challenge for SVST 2016, end of August.

I give you a first topic to discuss :

tell here your thinking!

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Thanks for the beautiful article Paolo! Unfortunately I did not have the chance to come to the first conference but I hope I will have a nice exchange of ideas with the other friends of the SVST 2016 (at least "remotely") here in this discussion. Maybe someone who attended the first conference wants to quickly sum it up for me?

By the way my name is Romeo and I am a PhD student in robotics at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova. :)

What I liked the most of the "startup playbook" is the part relative to hiring and managing a group of employees. Even from my little experience I can tell that the working group is the key for success (it might be even more important that the product itself in the early stages) and that if your co-workers don't have those "care" & "kick butt" qualities then your product is not going to develop at all. For this reason I loved the statement: "don't compromise on the quality of the people you hire".

But in my opinion the biggest challenge is the people managing part: I am personally very self-confident about what goal I want to achieve and where I am going, but in the same time i am a bad motivator for the other people. For this reason I sometimes end up working on some project completely alone, which is doomed to fail because I can't obviously do everything on my own.

I want to improve this skill of mine so I would like to ask if anyone has ever faced the same problem and made something to improve himself (for example by training public speaking or exercising to defend two opposite ideas). Could an acting class be a good idea? :)

I hope I did not go off-topic and look forward to your feedbacks!

In my opinion you should read "Legacy" by James Kerr. It's about New Zealand All Blacks rugby team but above all about leadership. I think it's very interesting and maybe you can find it useful :)

Thanks for your suggestion Luca, I will read it.

Hello everybody! 

Honestly, I have never thought to start a business yet. But if in the future I will decide to do it, I surely will follow these suggestions :) I would like to share a thought with you.

I completely agree with Sam Altman on innovative ideas. He argues that “they prefer something new to something derivate”. I think that especially for founders that need big funding, having a revolutionary idea is fundamental. Revolutionary ideas are billionaire ideas, and for this reason attract a big mass of investments. Something that is created from nothing can lead to monopoly and to all its advantages (for example the first-mover advantage). I’m reading “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel which is about this topic, it’s very interesting and I can recommend it to you all.

Today, I’m setting the stage for possible future ideas, and also for this reason I want to go to the Silicon Valley. I want to see with my eyes what the future holds. I’m paying attention to major technological shifts and I’m working on some projects that I find really interesting. I hope that this will help me to find the right idea in the future! 

I have a question for you, do you know websites that allow to remain informed about what happens in the silicon valley everyday that you consider useful? :)

Hi Luca ,  is a must ( not only for SV) than in the Group Italian Start up Scene on Facebook, made in 2010 by Stefano Bernardi and today 22k find a lot.

Finally follow the top acceleretor there : YCobinator and 500Startups.

And come to   on february 24, 6 pm in Confindustria Genova.

Thank you for your reply, Paolo. I’m going to take part in the StartupY event on february 24.

Hello Paolo, I’m very happy to have participated in the StartupY event. I have discovered new startups and I have met interesting people. There is no doubt that Silicon Valley’s greatest “product” is the social organization of its companies, and, most important, the networked  architecture of the region itself. We are living in a networked age and also for this reason, I think that these events and meetings can be very useful to create a network of students, entrepreneurs, hackers, angels and many others in Liguria. People with different ideas, backgrounds and goals but with the same passion for technology.

If I have to find a defect, it’s that some projects and some startups have not been explained clearly by their creators. In the room, Wednesday, there were some angel investors and a clear promotion is fundamental to attract investments. See you next time :)

Hi everybody!

I had the opportunity to attend the StartupY event on February 24, and I was really impressed to see how many amazing projects born by the interaction between people who share a common vision are coming to life. In my opinion so much of the Startup Playbook is a preliminary condition of the way in which many pitches were presented and the talks were given during the event, which I lived as a moment when "hackers & angels" had the chance to meet.

What Romeo said about the importance of the people management is something I completely agree with, and one of the most useful phrases from the text that Paolo linked (btw. some years ago I read the following article from the same author, and I still find it inspiring: and which I perceived in the really tiny projects I worked in is this one: "if people don’t connect what they’re doing day-to-day with a higher purpose they care about, they will not do a great job". The importance of a common vision and of a common aim is undeniable!

By the way, my name is Luca and I'm a philosophy graduate student, who enjoys computer science, design, music and the intersections among these areas! I hope to see you all during the next event!

Hey all..happy you enjoyed our ( yours!) StartupY...this year we want to share the events of Silicon Valley Study Tour 2016 among different Universities ( also if the selection will be Uni By Uni) . So I give you the chance to attend to the Uni Torino project. Feel free to join and than discuss here the topics

Hi everybody!

A great chance for you all...fill it up one  cars and run to Torino next Monday 21 , 2-4 pm, for the supercool last conference of Torino Silicon Valley 2016..than you can share in your Forum.

Thanks to Paolo for sharing the post of the last SVST Torino 2016 event!! I was actually already planning to join the event so I guess I have no excuse left now! 

So, I am pleased to share my car to go to Torino on Monday (Blablacar style) to any member of this forum (max three people) who wants to "seize the chance" and be there like me! ;)

For whoever is interested just email me (my email should be public on my profile... or just write me here or facebook or whatever), I am leaving at around 11.30 from Genova Brignole, I can't leave before 11.30 unfortunately. 

Torino we are coming!! :D

It would be great to attend this SVST event, I was planning to join but my graduation day has shifted from yesterday to next Monday (due to Friday's train strike), so I can't make it, unfortunately. Is it going to be streamed somewhere?

Romeo and Luca, it would have been a pleasure to meet you! I hope that it will be a great event, hope from hear from you soon!







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