Silicon Valley Study Tour

Here we are!

This is the Forum for the attendees of Milano Univesities to get the chance to attend to the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2016- august 22-26.

Discuss the attached article, tell your thinking, share yr ideas and links.   

End of May we'll ask for your Cv in US format attached: send it to  within June 5 th!

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some update for you:

1- selection: You 6- 5 IED and 1 Cattolica are the selected from this Forum for SVST 2016. For Riccardo- Cattolica think right now if you will be able to attend the SVST if you receive  the flight payed by the Ministry ( that means you are able to pay the 1500 inscription fee, within August 1st). IED students are fully supported ( a part lunch and dinner not offered by the hosts).

Pls answer within June 17 simply: I can

2- internship: we sent 5 cv of Bari, 1 Catania , 1 Torino  to Tekpea,interested in Sw developer Linux embedded and Hw developers. We wait their interest to a Skype call interview  . Who pass the interview will have the SVST inscription payed by the company ( and the post Tour cost payed up to 4.5 kEuro,  presenting receipts to us).

We wait for cv request from other 2 companies in the next days ( same  economic condition as Tekpea, different topic...possibly biz too). We'll post here...stay tuned!

I can


People talk, and journalists write articles but I think we can’t really know what is twistining in Elon Musk’s head. I mean. I have read a lot about his eccentricity and his exaggerated statements.

Maybe he is confused. He don’t know what to do. Tesla is a fantastic company. Tesla is a vow. But Apple is the greatest, the example for all the other. Steve Job is not a simply person, is a legend.

So, I’m talking that an acquisition could certainly create the biggest player of this newborn market and much more I am sure that it will generate the most innovative, staylish and confortable product.

Apple has an incredible fanbase, millions of people only wait the new launch of  the new iProduct. It’s worst than drugs. The aggregation between respective research groups will create new ideas and new project, contamination, we all know. And in the end, economic magnificence of Apple could really place Tesla in the role of leader for a long long time.

BUT, in my very personal opinion I think that Musk’s mind doesn’t dream this. He would make everything with his hands. A self made man. Tesla remains Tesla and bring the best product to costumers only with Musk’s line. This is his dream.

But often this is  not the successful line.

Thinks Elon.


Hi guys, I know some of you are going to add days to the SVST time as I'm going to do it too. What do you think about getting in touch? :)

To join the Group SVST 2016 already open  pls make yr account to the new site ( not only to Ning for the Forum).

Than ask to enter

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