Silicon Valley Study Tour

Ready to go!

Find the preliminary agenda of Novara Silicon Valley 2016...we start on March 10th...stay tuned!NovaraSV2016.doc

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perfect, I can not wait

Me too :)

Unfortunately I won't assist the events because I'm in Athens as an Erasmus.

But I hope the guys will explain to me what they did so far  :D

Should we post something to explain who we are? 

yes sure!! Marco

Ok. Because I'm very lazy (in writing, especially in english) and because I saw in the other forums (like Torino) people who wrote 1 page length description of info that were available on LinkedIn. I'll post my social pages in other to have a better idea of who I am :) 

Here you have my:

LinkedIn profile

Twitter account

My FB account is private soz :(

I'll also post my TED profile just because is one of the things that is representing me now (I'm a co-organizer of TEDxAlessandria)

Well... Now it's your turn guys :) How was the first event? :)

good stuff Marco....I only advise you to join very very clever groups on Facebook....source of knowledge!:

Italian Start up Scene

Indigeni Digitali

StartupY ( I did it 2 month Genova)

ps FB is...not only ...soz ;-)

Ok thx, I applied to them :)
Ahah you're right ;)
Btw my photo is the same for every social so it's easy to find me :D
Hello Paolo and hello to everyone, I start introducing myself. I participate at Silicon Valley Study Tour last summer and my experience was incredible!
I participate to this event because in my opinion every experience is different to the others and I love listen that.
The first event was focused to Emilio and Antonella experience, they live in San Diego and they talked about their company, the dfference between Italy and Silicon Valley. It was amazing!
We also talked with Paolo Marenco who explain us about Silicon Valley Study Tour.

If everyone want to talk with me about my experience in Silicon Valley, SVST or everything else can contact me on Facebook (Luca Pontiroli, it's easy to find on Facebook because the background of my profile picture is Google Logo)
Hey Luca! Thanks for the summary, may I ask you a question, briefly, what are the differences between Italy and SV?
One more question what when will it be the tour? Because for example last year it was in August but in that time I was in Finland :)

I added you on FB :)
Hi Luca, the difference berween Italy and SV are:
-In Italy the loans to Companies are by banks but in SV are by private companies or mans
-the new Ideas are totally listening in SV
The tour starts on 21/22 August and find on 28/29 August but it is possible to lengthen the residence time.
Sorry for my Inglish

No problem for your English :) Is my weakness either :D

Italian food is better than American food :)
To be serious there are a lot of difference between italy and silicon valley. People in silicon valley share their ideas with the others, in Italy and in Europe too prevail the fear that other people stole your ideas.
If you never failed a project you didn't risk enough, in Italy it's absolutely not the same.
Normally SVST starts in August, last week of August but Paolo can help you better than me about this question.

hey luca! talking about food ..... During the last speech they talked about the differences of the meetings organized by Americans and Italians , who prefer expensive food to bowlings and there any possibility to create something there connected with our excellences? is there only place for junk food?







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