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This is the Forum for the attendees of Pavia Univesity to get the chance to attend to the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2016- august the great Davide Gallotti in 2014 and Lara Princisvalle in 2015.

Discuss the attached article, tell your thinking, share yr ideas and links.

End of april we'll ask for your Cv...and will judge the best to come with us!  

tell here your thinking!

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Thank you Paolo for this interesting article! The theme chosen for the 2016 edition fits perfectly the Burning Man philosophy. The ritual of burning the wooden man at the end of each event has the symbolic meaning of a rebirth, which is the exact meaning of the world “Renaissance". As in the Florence Renaissance creativity is pervasive in the Burning Man which is a festival of freedom and self-expression. The most interesting aspect of this festival is the fusion of art, science and technology. Be part of such a melting pot of people sharing ideas and fuelling the creativity of one another must be a unique experience! The “intersectional” creativity which originates from the mixture of cultures and experiences triggers an explosion of great and brilliant ideas and work of arts. This is also true when it comes to innovation in general. Breakthrough ideas many times come from the intersection of diverse industries, cultures, and disciplines. Diversity drives innovation which can both originate brand new concepts or new ideas that are combinations of existing ones. The power of diversity helps to see things from different perspectives and allows new insights to stem. There are plenty of examples that show how often disruptive ideas which reshape a particular industry come from people of different expertise.

Yoox was founded by Federico Marchetti, a former investment banker, and co-founded by other two other two people coming from an architect and design group. Marchetti’s ideas to sell items of renowned fashion brands unsolded from previous seasons on-line was just as crazy as it needed to start up when the dot com bubble burst and to be the only company to go public on Piazza Affari in 2009 (its revenues increased by 37% annually over the period 2009-11).

Another example is the start up Timbuktù. Its first  product is an interactive magazine for children downloadable on Ipad. The founder team was composed by Elena Favilli, which studied semiotics and journalism, and Francesca Cavallo, a theatre actress. With Timbuktù they succeed in winning the Telecom Working Capital 2010 and Mind The Bridge 2011.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” I think that this Leonardo’s quote reported in the Burning Man article is utterly true! The experiences shared in Turin by the participants of the previous editions of the SVST is the perfect proof of it. The successful stories of this guys have all one thing in common: they were committed to their goals and never gave up when facing obstacles. They have been wildly ambitious and stubborn. Above their talent is their persistency which allowed them to have the possibility to participate to the exciting experiences they went through.

This reminds me the story of another brilliant italian guy, Andrea Vaccari, which is summarized in this article by Stefano Bernardi:   All of us should have this kind of “never give up” attitude. If you believe, you can achieve: is just a matter of hard work.

It was a pity that Loris Degioanni could not take part to the Monday discussion. It would have been interesting to discuss more deeply which are the opportunities that drove him to consider the idea of establishing a unit of his start up in Italy. Almost two years ago he appeared skeptical  about this (if someone wants to know more about him I suggest this interview Eventually it seems that the Funambol model will spread! Back in 2003 Capobianco decided to keep the software development in Italy (in Pavia!) creating a bridge to the Silicon Valley. The reasons of his choice are explained by him here What could be the reasons for Degioanni? One of them may be the willingness to attract (ad retain) more talents in his new start up.

I really appreciated the speech by Mr. Cera who described in a clear and simple way the native system integration and how the whole process works form the software creation, to the generation of big data and the creation of new information through their analysis. The sensors’ state of art is already incredibly developed and the pace at which the sensors are developing is outstanding.

The hot topics of the moment are how the technology will evolve and the improvement in the richness of information which the sensors can transmit. But there is another critical point when talking about IoT, which is  cyber security. As Cera said Aizoon is an expert in this field. It would be interesting to know more about this topic! It must be extremely complex to face such an incredible innovation speed and develop the adequate security. Technology grows faster than law (also faster than ethics sometimes), moreover there is poor domestic and international cooperation regarding cyber security. Aizoon must face big challenges in the international environment, in particular when dealing with China. The topics of privacy and cyber security should be emphasized and discussed as the latest technological innovations are.

I am looking forward to have an exchange of opinions with new members, tell me what you think! :)

Thanks Giulia...good comments...two remarks, Cornagliotto Chairman of Aizoon ( Cera is the young student that have the App idea to make music), Degioanni is changing his mind about SW Dev in Italy: yesterday in Torino I met Andrea Scianò and Alessandro Gallotta going to I3P to look for an office there...good news!

Sorry Paolo, I confused the names!

In these days augmented reality has been a hot topic. Gartner in 2015 placed AR in its hype cycle in the trough of disillusionment. AR solutions are experiencing a very fast growth. Only few days ago the startup Meta announced the second-generation version of its AR glasses, and this technology will approach soon the slope of enlightenment.

I’d like to draw your attention on the application of AR solutions to the cultural heritage: here you find an interview of Italo Spada of CETMA, a company based in Brindisi (Puglia is positioned in the first half in the raking of number of startups released yesterday not bad ;)

In my view, digital humanities can represent a strategic area of interest for Italy. This sector summarizes some of the top priorities for our country which are the conservation of cultural heritage and the development of innovation technology. Italy owns two extremely valuable assets: an amazing cultural legacy and talented engineers. These assets can be combined to develop and employ new highly technological tools for the conservation and enhancement of our heritage, as the CETMA story shows.

As the interview says, software developers work together with historical and scientific experts for the protection, enhancement and networking of cultural heritage. Sustain technological innovation is therefore important not only for the tech sector itself but also for satellite activities. I think that the work of Italo Spada and his team is just amazing! I hope that Italy will become a leader in the development of new applications for virtual reality and interactive systems for museums/cultural sites and that we will promote our cultural heritage in an a new successful way.

Thanks to technological innovation and scientific research, the development of new high technological tools has the potential to boost the attractiveness of Italy as a host country for foreign investments. To implement all this we need well designed policies and to create awareness in our community: in this way we will be a forward looking country with a great past.

Have you ever heard of the incubator Playground based in Paolo Alto? It would be interesting to visit it during the SVST 2016! Here’s an article by Wired dedicated to Playground and its founder Andy Rubin.

Playground is more than just an incubator, it is a design and prototyping studio which provides basic hardware components for the creation of new devices. The selected startups can also count on the mentoring of a team of experienced technologists. This collaborative community started with the Rubin’s vision of the creation of a new, AI-driven computing platform. Rubin choose not to create the technology by himself but to sow the seeds of its future. I really like his bottom-up approach! Playground will provide the building blocks for the next technology so that the future software and devices will be able to use a common standard platform when AI as a service will emerge. “AI as a service” or the “actuated internet” is the new computing platform that according to Rubin will make internet became one with the physical world. It will go far beyond the IoT as we know now: it will consists in a circle of real world objects, at-scale AI, command and control that will animate every object of our daily life.

Here you have the preliminary program of the Tour.

Giulia Tolomei , you all are eligible to attend SVST 2016,  this is the list:

we'll know about Foreign Ministry support for the flight within July 15


PrelProgramSVSTaugust16.pdf PrelProgramSVSTaugust16.pdf,

Thank you Paolo for this great opportunity!


Hey all, I have up to now, 2 Companies in Silicon Valley, Luxottica and Tekpea, interested to have one or more from our Tour for an intern from end of Tour, Mid november. I'm waiting for answer from other companies. You will receive:

1 payment of SVST Inscription .

2 Expence Reimboursement ( lodging, food, transportation) every month in Silicon Valley, up to yr return in Italy.

After that...., it depends on your internship success ....( go back in SV with a working Visa...working from Italy for the Company...go back to study ;-)

Think about it, I'll check in yr cv if you have the skill requested, than I contact you!

Who will be chosen is automatically chosen for Ministry flight prize

stay tuned!

That's great news! It would be amazing to stay in Silicon Valley also after the tour.

Hey all, some update for you:

1- selection: 1 of you is a SVST selected.  You think right now if you will be able to attend the SVST if you receive the flight payed by the Ministry ( that means you are able to pay the 1500 inscription fee, within August 1st) . Obviuosly we can't pay the fly ticket to people that can't pay the inscription ( we'd lose the ticket!), so we have to know in advance who can and who cannot. Pls answer within June 17 simply: I can

2- internship: we sent 5 cv of Bari, 1 Catania , 1 Torino  to Tekpea, we wait their interest to a Skype call interview  . Who pass the interview will have the SVST inscription payed by the company ( and the post Tour cost payed up to 4.5 kEuro,  presenting receipts to us).

We wait for cv request from other 2 companies in the next days ( same condition as Tekpea, different skills, maybe also biz)

I can







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