Silicon Valley Study Tour

Here we are!

This is the Forum for the attendees of Roma Univesites to get the chance to attend to the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2016- august 22-26.

Discuss the attach article, tell your thinking, share yr ideas and links.

End of May we'll ask for your Cv...and will judge the best to come with us!

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I'm very interested, and I'm quite flexible with my calendar. I'm interested in the other internship option, too.

Alessandro Borzacchi you are selected in this Forum to attend the SVST2016 (attach preliminary program)

some update for you:

1- selection: Think right now if you will be able to attend the SVST if you receive the flight payed by the Ministry ( that means you are able to pay the 1500 inscription fee, within August 1st) . Obviuosly we can't pay the fly ticket to people that can't pay the inscription ( we'd lose the ticket!), so we have to know in advance who can and who cannot. Pls answer within June 17 simply: I can

2- internship: we sent 5 cv of Bari, 1 Catania , 1 Torino  to Tekpea ,interested in Sw developer Linux embedded and Hw developers. We wait their interest to a Skype call interview  . Who pass the interview will have the SVST inscription payed by the company ( and the post Tour cost payed up to 4.5 kEuro,  presenting receipts to us).

We wait for cv request from other 2 companies in the next days ( same  economic condition as Tekpea). We'll post here...stay tuned!


Dear Paolo, thank you for accepting me.

I need a recap on the study tour costs

Do you know if Tor Vergata will give me any scholarship?

So I would pay:

  • 1500 inscription fee
  • all tour expenses

You will pay:

  • flight ticket A/R

no additional support from institutions or ministry?

Thank you very much, best regards

around 200 Euro for lunch and dinner not offered by the hosts, payed directly by you, 

total estimated 1700 Euro.

We wait for the Ministry flight, in case they approve, you are in.

No Tor Vergata scolarship this year, but internship opportunities as you see

Ok, If they are gonna approve I CAN!

Update June23

1 Flight from MAE: possible decision on July 4. We ask to Borzacchi to send to me e mail with  desired departure ( day- bit flexible- and airport) return  ( day,  same airport) in case of positive answer of MAE . You can add days to the SVST time, but inscription coverage is from Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 in Redwood City Inn. You are the 1 MAE supported- if support is coming-

2 Intern: no answer yet from the companies, we wait!

Official decision by Ministry within July 15

To join the Group SVST 2016 already open  pls make yr account to the new site ( not only to Ning for the Forum).

Than ask to enter

Message to Borzacchi







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