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Here we are, ready to start the challenge for SVST 2016, end of August.

I give you a first topic to discuss :        

tell here your thinking!

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Good evening! Thanks for linking this interesting article.

I think in the world there are a lot of people that search to change the rules and to escape from the violence of the control of the minds, also with technology. I think is important the research of any means to preserve the privacy of the people in this period in wich every little thing is public. 

The article is interesting also to understand how change quickly the ideas in technology despite to the socio-political conditions, in Russia in this case. 

Pavel Durov has the right combination between insanity and brilliance that makes a big enterpreuner and a big mind!

He lived in Torino...nice coincidence, and more and more Telegram is used....a global project

Great, if you 'll come in Silicon Valley Study Tour you have a task of the meeting with the start up from Poli TO.

I'm so sorry, i deleted by mistake my post:

Hello everybody! My name is Mavy and I would like to share with you my experience in the city that stole my heart, San Francisco.

I always dreamt of going to visit the United States and, if possibly, moving in there, so in October I decided to buy me a birthday present and I booked a ticket to go there. I left Italy to discover this unknown land, which I only knew through movies and books. Every little thing that I saw, every place that I visited and every single person that I met looked awesome to me. Everything was just the way I always dreamt of and actually, it was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. In those unforgettable two weeks that I spent there I watched the sunset in the ocean, I ate crabs that looked huge to me and I drunk loads of Starbuck’s coffees. I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge by car as I stopped to contemplate its endless beauty. I went to Alcatraz and I visited the islands of San Francisco Bay, I tried different kinds of food from all over the world, and I spent my time with dynamic and motivating people who tried their best to make their dreams come true and to create a better future for themselves. I met young and determined people, students who decided to move in a city that represents the future of the technological research, I experienced, even if not directly, that the American Dream can actually become true, and that we should never lose our hope. This city not only made me feel at home since the very first day, but has also increased my willingness to improve myself and my life, it made me realize that I have the whole world in my hands and that I have all the means to realize my dreams and I should not wait any longer. They say that travelling opens your horizons and your mind and in fact, this trip changed my whole life. I hope to have the chance to come back there and to make my dream of moving there come true as soon as possible.

Here we are with the UNI Torino  SVST 2016 Challenge.

See you on March 7th at 2 pm

Hello everyone, I'm happy to participate in this challenge for the second year, if you want you can have a look at my profile: ;

Thanks for this interesting article !

happy to see you here again Gabriele!...try try try ;-)

I really liked how the author made a similitude with the Anarchist movement during the 19th: the strive to communicate to people all over the world while keeping those informations private is really similar to Pavel Durov's intent.

In fact, the Anarchists managed to keep in touch using primitive and not so effective means as invisible inks and encrypted messages to organize insurrections and meetings. Moreover, the decision of being stateless and the refusal of the money value ( which i have caught in the author's description )  makes him even more similar to figures as Michail Bakunin. If you would like to know more about this topic, consider reading "Il Diavolo al Pontelungo" written from Riccardo Bacchelli.

The comparison also underlines the consequences of Telegram's main feature: every day terroristic and criminal organizations are taking advantage of these ways of information hiding, and nowadays we often hear something related in the news, for example Apple's customer letter ( in relation to the San Bernardino Case.

That brings us to a, in my opinion, trivial conclusion: we can't blame technology from how it is used, everything has the potential to be good or bad and only the user will make the difference.

Hello everyone,

I'm Valentino from Informatics university of Torino. There are two topics I would like to talk about: the first one is Telegram, and the second is about today's conference on Silicon Valley study tour. Let's get started...

Telegram is, in some ways, a sort of innovation between social network not only for his usability but mainly for the secutity aspect: informatics security in this period is an inportant question for many companies, because actually there are no laws about it. Apple recently has been called to court for the San Bernardino case and many companies took his side.
( )

All I want to say is that, beside the competition with Whatsapp for the comunication market, Telegram is accused by many for his complexity in security protocols, that for common users could also be a great aspect, but definitly is not for secret services and everyone that cares about public security. Do not forget that the massacre in Paris was planned by Play Station Network, a cripted platform. So, what about Pavel Durov? And what about our security? Well, personally I can understand Durov, he lived many years in Russia, oppressed by russian laws and by Putin itself, it's normal he's trying a way out from all of this. His principles are nobles in some ways, but dangerous at the same time. Nothing is only good, but everything is variable.

The second topic, as I said, is about today's conference at university in Torino. In a few words, I think it's a pretty amazing project from both sides: for students, because american way of thinking about business is the best, and at the meantime for companies, which can benefit from the scouting. I really appreciated the white hair man's lesson (I am really sorry, I don't remember his name...I'll call him Gandalf because he seemed to me as wise as Gandalf ehehe) about storytelling, the concept of serendipity and about learning from the world for discovering what we are better at, thanks to our experiences. I have a classical instruction, I did liceo classico Cavour in Torino, and sometime I find myself thinking about philosophy in its most general sense: I knew already many topics Gandalf discussed during his lesson, and I thought about it a lot of times...but is always a pleasure listening them from an other point of view, because even if our brain is made in the same way, from different people talking about the same thing, everyone hears very different things; this is what makes what we are, and this new point of view can result to be the fuse that allows us to think out of the box which is amazing!

Thanks for listening.

Good evening to everyone, I'm so glad to be here.

I'll go straight to the point, I think that what he did is just fantastic. In my opinion, the point of the article is not cyber security or privacy, but the ideal behind Telegram and VKontakte. Durov is fighting for his ideal and not for money or fame, and this is what is making Telegram famous enough to scary Zuckerberg's Whatsapp. Whatsapp is so famous that everyone knows it but it's missing something, not only in fact of privacy and security but in basic functions that lately have been introduced, in my opinion, taking inspiration from Telegram itself. So we're talking about a guy that goes against the monopoly of Whatsapp and finishes by being "copied". It's just wow. Durov wanted to create something valuable for the society with VKontakte, and what he got was his company sold and huge amount of money. SERENDIPITY. With so much money he could start Telegram, bringing on his dream of secure messaging and creating something valuable for everyone. Now he's trying to make Telegram self sustainible trough complementary apps and it's on the way to reach Whatsapp's fame with over than 100000000 monthly active users and 15 billions of messages delivered daily. I think it's impressive, even more in a trade so full of other competitors and where Whatsapp has a kind of monopoly.

Good afternoon!

I would like to express my impressions about the meeting with Paolo Marenco, Roberto Bonzio, the IT teachers and with the experience of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

It has been an interesting and stimulating conference and I was struck especially by Roberto Bonzio’s words on the importance of cultural differences. I believe that not only technical skills but also good communication, interaction ability and the uniqueness of every single cultural background can have a great impact on a project.

I also appreciated Bonzio’s speech on the meaning of “serendipity”. That is, a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise" that catches you while you were looking for something totally different. I think that our lives’ path, our choices, the people we meet and also our failures can lead us to find our way. This is what I experienced during my journey in San Francisco. There I understood what I really want to be when I grow up: “connecting my dots”.

I like to think that if we are truly motivated we can make our dreams come true, as Paolo and Roberto told us. I believe that sometimes we can find the right path even at the wrong time, after a failure.

I think that the strength of the startups we talked about lies in the fact that they didn’t surrender and they kept believing in a future, and this is the trump card in this valley that never stops.

Thank you all!

Hi Everybody!

I'm Giorgio, from Computer Sience Department of UNITO.

I agree with @Valentino di Cianni about the article reported on top of this page, and I add a personal tought. Definetively, Pavel Durov made a great job with VKontarkte first and Telegram in second instance. Creating a social network (also if copying Facebook) that is used from the majority of peple from a country, and tring to keep it free from political influences and political control, it's a behaviour to acclaim. And again, creating a free (remeber that Whatsapp wasn't free) communication service, such as Telegam, with the potential power of Whatsapp it's a wonderful thing. But, as we have seen with the recent problem with Apple, the perfect (or as much perfect as they can) security of the electronic devices and their softwares can lead to helping crimes, and the only people that may stop or judge that are the great industries. So, in this case, aren't we allowing this big companies to be the real governor? With this type of behaviour, aren't they making their own low, without following the real low of the countries and the international agreement?

I would like also to comment the conference kept yesterday. I'm really happy to hear that at least in foreign country italian work is so well appreciated. For this we have to thanks our school path: in USA you choose your subject at the beginnig of high school, and focus only on those. We study more subjects, and that give us a wide look over our culture, helping us to see problems from different corners.

I liked also a lot the question of Serendipity. I chose to interpret it in this way: no matter what you are looking for, the best thing is to look for something. At one point, something wil find you, maybe not what you were searching for. I like it because helps you think that of you do really your best, you will be always rewarded!

This are my thought. Thanks for reading!







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