Silicon Valley Study Tour

Here we are, ready to start the challenge for SVST 2016, end of August.

I give you a first topic to discuss :        

tell here your thinking!

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Hey all, some update for you:

1- selection: 14 of you are listed in the selection.  All of you think right now if you will be able to attend the SVST if you receive the flight payed by the Ministry ( that means you are able to pay the 1286 E inscription fee- thanks to Degioanni sponsorship- within August 1st) . Obviuosly we can't pay the fly ticket to people that can't pay the inscription ( we'd lose the ticket!), so we have to know in advance who can and who cannot. Pls answer within June 17 simply: I can

2- internship: we sent 5 cv of Bari, 1 Catania, 1 Torino   to Tekpea, we wait their interest to a Skype call interview  (De Cenzo) . Who pass the interview will have the inscription payed by the company ( and the post Tour cost payed up to 4.5 kEuro,  presenting receipts to us).

We wait for cv request from other 2 companies in the next days ( same condition as Tekpea)

I can!! :)

I can!!! :)

I can!

I can too :)

I can!

Update June23

1 Flight from MAE: possible decision on July 4. We ask to Mereu, Porcello, Rosa, Bergoglio, Di Cianni, Accossato, De Cenzo to send to me e mail with  desired departure ( day- bit flexible- and airport) return  ( day,  same airport) in case of positive answer of MAE . You can add days to the SVST time, but inscription coverage is from Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 in Redwood City Inn. You are the 7 MAE supported- if support is coming-

2 Intern: no answer yet from the companies, we wait!

Official decision by Ministry within July 15

To join the Group SVST 2016 already open  pls make yr account to the new site ( not only to Ning for the Forum).

Than ask to enter

Message to Porcello Rosa Bergoglio DiCianni Accossato DeCenzo Picco.

Mavy is already in

Done !

Done, thank you!








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