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10 things missing from the iPad

The iPad was supposed to change the face of computing, to be a completely new form of digital experience.

But what Steve Jobs showed us yesterday was in fact little more than a giant iPhone. A giant iPhone that doesn't even make calls. Many were expecting cameras, kickstands and some crazy new form of text input. The iPad, though, is better defined by what isn't there.


Many people will bemoan the lack of Flash in… Continue

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Apple presents ipad

Apple has presented the ipad, a tablet computer. Here the complete article.

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The Making of An Italian Startup

When Corrado and I first met in Redwood City, during the 2008 Silicon Valley Study Tour we had a burning desire to do something.

But then the story is pretty much always the same. You follow TechCrunch every single day and you read about people making their own web companies, selling them, making millions. Or you go to Silicon Valley and you get excited and you want to do something immediately. And you live… Continue

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my patent ed invention

Hello everyone,

my name Ganluca and I am fond of mechanics,

I invented and patented by an international patent issued equipment much interest in the excavations.

I participated in an international competition for the construction and were rewarded for innovation and novelty functioning achievedI share with you allwelcome ...comments of experts

see link




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Adobe uses wind power

Adobe has placed small wind turbines on the sixth floor deck of the HQ in San Jose. This the complete article. Interesting solution using small wind turbines.

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Google to Stop Censoring Search Results in China After Hack Attack

Google has decided to stop censoring search results in China, after discovering that someone based in that country had attempted to hack into the e-mail accounts of human rights activists. The company disclosed the move in a startling announcement posted to its blog late Tuesday.

Google said it was prepared to pull its business out of China, if issues around the surveillance and its decision to stop censoring results could not be resolved with the Chinese… Continue

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We hardly remember when we last took a pen and a paper and wrote a lengthy letter or exam paper or something else. We are limited only to signing the cheque and bill amount slip of the shopping we do. Today our writing has been limited to only signing cheque, bank papers, medical and shopping bill slips. Keypad and keyboard have limited our writing habits and we hardly need a piece of paper and pen to write something. All the writing purposes are fulfilled through the keypad and keyboard at an… Continue

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Google creates buzz with wireless store

(CNN) -- You know Google as a search engine giant, an e-mail provider, and even a verb -- but as an online store?

As the company showed off its sleek new Nexus One Tuesday, its first entry into the smartphone market, Google also created lots of buzz by announcing the device would be available for sale through its very own Google-hosted Web store.

So much buzz, in fact, that some technology analysts argued the store was a bigger deal than the phone.

"From a… Continue

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good news for startups

Attracting Foreign Startups: Access To U.S. Could Get Easier

maybe this will be useful for someone in this social network

Venture Funding Roared… Continue

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Interesting articles

I've found this two interesting articles on "Corriere Economia", and I would share with you all:
Wall Street, il ritorno di Silicon Valley

Internet, il decennio di

Added by Matteo Garibotti on January 3, 2010 at 7:37am — 1 Comment

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