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March 2009 Blog Posts (22)

1000 GHz Processor? No problem!

New research findings at MIT could lead to microchips that operate at much higher speeds than is possible with today's standard silicon chips, leading to cell phones and other communications systems that can transmit data much faster.

The key to the superfast chips is the use of a material called graphene, a form of pure carbon that was first identified in 2004. Researchers at other institutions have already used the one-atom-thick… Continue

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MBA : yes or not??

From our sister social network "Silicon India" an interesting debate on the cause of the crisis....MBAs as CEO???

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Mobile Trade Mission Tour

I'm organizing a Trade Mission Tour focusing on Mobile (Mobile Go West!!!) from April 6th to 10th in Silicon Valley. Interested? Contact me!

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Announcing TechCrunch50 2009

Tech Crunch just announced TechCrunch50 conference, one of the most important events in the industry. You can read more on techcrunch.

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Future of Mobile Internet Search

Imagine that instead of having a poorly rendered 3D map on your GPS you’re able to see the world as it exists with your GPS data overlay on your reality. Take a look at this and this (check out the video in this link.. it's amazing).

More concepts on… Continue

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Kosmix - search engine who isn't fighting with Google

Recently New York Times published article about Kosmix, a new search engine which by definition does not want to compete with Google (you can find all the time start ups that are simply planning to kill Google with their new algorithm.. what, candidly speaking from one hand is good because change was… Continue

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Disruptive Commerce

Everyone talks about Chinese manufacturing and how cheap that is. What few realize is that by converting manufacturing and shipping to JIT (Just-In-Time) a company never has to store the items it is selling. By reducing the initial cash outlays a smaller company can afford to make its own hardware and scale up rapidly.

Robert Scoble interviews… Continue

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SlideRocket presentation

I'm impressed how web-based applications are displacing desktop software. Here's a new powerful way to create, store and share presentations much better than Power Point. Slide Rocket is all you need to design professional quality slides and then either share them with URL (like a web page or blog) or synchronize for offline within just a couple of minutes. And it's free. Worth to see!

If you're looking for tips in… Continue

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Plugg 2009: Videos, Pictures And Presentations

TechCrunch published materials from the last Plugg conference. You can also download all the presentations of the participants. Here you can read about the winners of the Start up… Continue

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This man invented the Web...

just 20 years ago at Tim

Added by paolo marenco on March 14, 2009 at 4:20am — 3 Comments

Forum "Il Sole 24 ore"

Maybe interesting... Will someone attend it?

Added by Laura Motta on March 11, 2009 at 1:40pm — No Comments

Calling All Student Entrepreneurs: Highland Capital Wants You

VC firm Highland Capital Partners is issuing a call for applicants for their 3rd annual “Summer@Highland” entrepreneurship program. Highland is trying to tap into the same early-stage, young talent pool as start-up incubators like Y Combinator and TechStars.

Highland’s 10 week program is only open to enrolled graduate and undergraduate students or… Continue

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Meeting with Morten Lund - co-founder of Skype

I just came back from the meeting with Morten Lund - one of the most active and interesting investors in Europe (his current portfolio includes more than 80 start ups (!) from internet technology, through telecommunications, to health and energy), also known as the co-founder of Skype. And I need to say that he… Continue

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UI = User Interface

Really cool presentation of BumpTop - new 3-D users… Continue

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Charlie Rose Interviews Marissa Mayer

You can find the whole interview transcript here.

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USA pushing for European Investments: proposal from Ecodev LLC

Million $ grants are available for European Companies that want to expand, consolidate, acquire or relocate in the USA.

If you can create 50 or more jobs over a 3 year period Ecodev can help you obtain governmental economic development funding.

They helped a Danish company obtain $7,000,000 in cash grants.

Ecodev, LLC is a North American organization ( ) that is focused exclusively on its mission to assist companies with their expansion,… Continue

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Quick Reminder - Cory Doctorow, tonight in Milan

This is just to remind you tonight Cory Doctorow will be in Milan at Mediateca di Santa Teresa. I will be there, so if you want to meet just… Continue

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Facebook Redesign

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Facebook redesign coming soon next week.

As reported by TechCrunch "The new design will give users the ability to easily feed the news stream by friend type and network, and gives users a much easier way to post links, photos and videos. The news feed will also begin updating in real time without page… Continue

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Plugg Announces 20 Finalists For Startup Competition

Plugg just gave the list of 20 finalists out of 126 submitted that are going to be presented at Startups Rally which will take place on March 12 in Brussels. Some of them are very interesting but I have this strange impression that there's no groundbreaking idea. You can read the whole list at… Continue

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