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July 2008 Blog Posts (8)

Nicholas Negroponte and the greek island

Writing on a 12Net portal website, Negroponte makes it clear mesh systems - powered by the many not the few - are his vision for a wired world: "Large wired and wireless telephone companies will be replaced by micro-operators, millions of which can be woven into a global fabric of broadband connectivity." The future here

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Bamboccioni o temerari? Fra opportunità e sfide, la parola ai giovani imprenditori

E' possibile camminare con le proprie gambe? Quali le opportunità e le sfide per un giovane che voglia diventare imprenditore? A queste e ad altre domande cercheranno di rispondere cinque giovani imprenditori a confronto, nell'ambito di un incontro volto a valorizzare la creatività e l'intraprendenza dei talenti emergenti. Sfondo del dibattito sarà l'ottagono della Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, da cui prende il nome la manifestazione che… Continue

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Why Craigslist Works

I don't personally know Craig Newmark, but I would guess he is quite a routine guy. I was browsing searching for a picture of him and found the picture you are seeing now. Well, the first time I met him he was exactly in the same position, in the same bar in San Francisco (and if am not wrong with the same clothes).

He is a soft-spoken person and extremely quite. So, at first, you wouldn't say he is the mind behind one of the most… Continue

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20th IFIP World Computer Congress

In Milan, from 7th to 10th September 2008, will take place the World Computer Congress, the most significant ICT international event ever held in Italy providing a unique opportunity to share ideas and experiences with worldwide experts in the field, coming from 70 different countries, who will debate the topics connected to the impact of informatics technologies, sharing ideas from different… Continue

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Preparing for the Tour - I Leoni della Silicon Valley

It' s been a good surprise walking in the bookstore a few days ago, when I saw this little book. I Leoni della Silicon Valley chronicles the stories of ten of the most successfull Italians in the Silicon Valley. I bought it, but haven't read it yet. Required reading before the next… Continue

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Mind the Bridge 2008/2009 Edition - Send Now Your Business Plan

Marco Marinucci, just emailed us about the second edition of Mind the Bridge, the unique chance for Italian start-ups to promote their ideas and connect with Silicon Valley investors. So, if you think you have the "next big thing", send immediatly your business plan. The deadline is 4th September 2008.

This second edition will not just have the same key points of last… Continue

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Will some of us be listed here in a couple of years?

I hope so! An article about ten innovative startups.

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Microsoft's Plan B for Search

Moving past the Yahoo saga, the software giant is buying semantic search engine Powerset as a way of closing the gap with Google.

Still smarting from a failed attempt to buy Yahoo!, Microsoft is trying another tactic to gain on Google in Web search.

Microsoft is buying Powerset, developer of what it hopes is a smarter way to search the Web. Powerset uses so-called "semantic Web"… Continue

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