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The Bootstrapper's Bible by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is for sure one of my favourite business authors and many of you already knows him. Anyway, here you can find the complete "The Bootstrapper's Bible" e-book. It is very useful if you are just about to start your company. It doesn't say it all, and it won't help a lot your startup if you want to start an e-commerce company to sell books, a general search engine, or a video sharing website!! BUT it's full of example and fun to…


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Portrait of a serial entrepreneur

If you have ever bought something on Ebay or some more credit on your Skype account, probably you already know Max Levchin first company. Levchin was the co-founder of PayPal, later acquired by Ebay for $1.54 billion. These days Levchin,32, is CEO of, another very successful startup. The New York Times has a… Continue

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THIRD SVST 2007: Le studentesse raccontano (Novara)

Conferenza stampa organizzata dall'Università del Piemonte Orientale per raccontare la nostra esperienza ai nostri colleghi studenti: noi quattro novaresi, partecipanti del tour 2007, siamo state reclamate in Aula Magna per fare dei brevi interventi. Il preside e la Prof.ssa Rabellotti ci hanno lasciato ampio spazio per raccontare cosa abbiamo visto durante il tour, ma soprattutto per spiegare quanto il viaggio ci abbia arricchito. Speriamo di essere riuscite a trasmettere il nostro entusiasmo… Continue

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Last Business2.0 issue now in Italy

Business2.0 last issue's just been shipped in Italy, so if you see this magazine on newstands, buy it! As written on the cover it's a "collector's item"; of course you won't be millionaire if you sell it in 10 years but it really marks a moment in techonology/business journalism. For those who don't know the it, Business2.0 is a Time Inc.'s magazine, which released its first number on August 2001 and covers the most cool trends on tecnology and the… Continue

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Reuters article on the Silicon Valley Study Tour!

Reuters today's first article on Technology and Internet features our Network! Hurra!

You can read the full article here!

Hoping to grow and make the network always better,we get the opportunity to thanks every members for his/her…


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America's Best Entrepreneurs under 25. BusinessWeek survey

Every year BusinessWeek makes a list of the top USA entrepreneurs under 25. Although their companies work in very differente industry, each year the most vibrant sector is the Web. It's very interesting to see their young age and their…


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How will social network evolve?

On this week' s Nova Il Sole 24 Ore, the cover article is about the future of social network and somehow it' s related to our previous post and this interesting article on the Economist on the same issue. The main story on Nova, is written by David Weinberger, technologist and best-selling co-author of… Continue

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My personal doubts on Facebook

Ok, I am just a user out of millions but there is one thing that I am not unerstanding about Facebook and it sets at its very core. As many of you may know, on may 24 Facebook did something amazing by opening its platform to third party developers. (You can read Marc Andreessen's blog for a great review on the platform)These developers can create new applications to enrich the users'…


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What not to do with your startup's business plan

If you have a startup and are looking for VC funding, here is a quick article from BusinessWeek. Josh Kopelman, venture capitalist from First Round Capital, explains what not to do with your business plan. You can also read his… Continue

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Executive Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

On Thursday 18th OCTOBER 2007, 14.00-1800, Torino Wireless Foundation has organised an Executive Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital.The Seminar will took place at the I3P, Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico of Torino…


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Da Ingegneria alla Silicon Valley e...ritorno! Intervista a Claudio Capuzzo

Claudio Capuzzo, membro del network, ci racconta la sua esperienza dopo 6 mesi di stage nella Silicon Valley.

Come sei arrivato alla tesi in Silicon Valley?

Per arrivare a questo stage ho seguito le conferenze de ‘La Storia nel Futuro’. Al termine del ciclo ho sostenu-

to un colloquio, a seguito del quale sono stato scelto per partecipare al primo ‘Silicon Valley study tour’ che

ebbe luogo nelle prime tre settimane di settembre del 2005. Tra le numerose aziende… Continue

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La Silicon Valley raccontata dalle studentesse della Facoltà di Economia

Il 25 Ottobre 2007 le mitiche studentesse dell' Università del Piemonte Orientale, che hanno partecipato allo Study Tour 2007, racconteranno insieme alla professoressa Roberta Rabellotti, la loro esperienza nella Silicon Valley.

L' appuntamento si terrà nell' Aula Magna della Facoltà di Economia in Via Perrone 18, Novara.

In allegato trovate il programma.… Continue

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Fulbright/B.E.S.T. Silicon Valley Immersion Program

In this post I want to share with you my experience in the Silicon Valley thanks to the Fulbright/BEST (Business Exchange Student Training) Program.

Briefly, U.S. Ambassador Spogli launched this new student/business exchange initiative, under the umbrella of the U.S. - Italian Fulbright Commission. In October 2006, five Italian engineering/science students were selected by a bi-national panel consisting of U.S. Ambassador to Rome Ronald Spogli; Parolo Dario,…

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iPark Pay-by-Cell Service and more by Zipidy, Inc.

Zipidy is a San Francisco based start-up that will enable you to manage much more easily your parking with you mobile phone. Founded by Dr. Cosimo Spera (member of this network), a mathematician and entrepreneur and Dennis Woolsey, an expert in the application of agent

technology, the service is currently available only Pierce/Lombard St. in the San Francisco Marina.

As Cosimo Spero… Continue

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Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize 2007

In the very last post we spoke about greentech and we saw the video of John Doerr calling for immediate action on the environment issue.

Well, today Al Gore has been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the… Continue

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On CleanTech. A video by John Doerr, a book and a Summit

As John Doerr put it cleantech may be "the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century".Watch the KPCB partner and succesfull venture capitalist at TED2007 on "Seeking salvation and profit in greentech"

Then if you want to know more on Cleantech just read the book… Continue

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Fabrizio Capobianco and Outsourcing in Italy

Fabrizio Capobianco, founder of Funambol (...and member of this network), explains why Italy is a top outsourcing destination.

via… Continue

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Intervista a Marco Marinucci, Business Development Manager di Google

Marco Marinucci,38 anni,ingegnere elettronico genovese,da due anni Business development manager di Google, incontrato a Mountain View, è senz’altro un modello da imitare per i ragazzi partecipanti allo Study Tour in Silicon Valley, il terzo organizzato da La Storia nel Futuro®,Aizoon e la Facoltà di Ingegneria dell’Università di Genova dal 27 agosto al 7 settembre.

Marco, quali sono state le tue esperienze dopo la… Continue

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Intervista a Paolo Siccardo, fondatore e CEO di Digital Keystone

Intervista a Paolo Siccardo, fondatore e CEO di Digital Keystone

A cura di Paolo Marenco - Coordinatore di “La Storia nel Futuro”

Paolo Siccardo,ci racconta la sua storia,quando e perché è partito da Genova? Sono nato e cresciuto a Savona,dove ho frequentato il Liceo Classico, ma ho…


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STRATEGYEYE.COM beta launch trial

StrategyEye is a new product by London based MarketClusters, which aims to provide you what's happening in the digital industry.

As in the words of the company, StrategyEye is "a real-time intelligence platform designed to track the explosive changes… Continue

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