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October 2008 Blog Posts (11)

Stanford Offering for Free Some of Its Popular Engineer Courses

Stanford just announced its Stanford Engineering Everywhere program to offer for free some of its most popular engineering courses. Just with your computer and an internet connection you will now be able to see lecture videos, reading lists, handout and communicate with other SEE students.

Here are the courses offered:

Introduction to computer science

Programming… Continue

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Portfolio Magazine Interviews Marc Andreessen

A quick video from Marc Andreessen' s Q&A with Portfolio Magazine. Creator of Netscape, on the Board of Facebook, investor in Twitter, Revision3 and many others, Marc Andreessen is a real legend in the Silicon Valley. You can read the whole interview here.

Andreessen started his blog last year, and it quickly became famous because of the direct and explicit way… Continue

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Animation on World Internet Growth - 1993 / 2012

An intersting animation by Italian architect Antonio Scarponi on the growth of Internet country by country from 1993 to 2012.

(In the side picture, Internet by country in…

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Damn...I wish I was just born!

The most advanced interactive "educational" tool I had when I was a kid was this. Well, SmartTech makes me wish I was a kid again. Their educational interactive table is simply great and the learning experience looks much funnier.

Can you imagine learning science from a sort of giant iPhone?!!

[via… Continue

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Fausto Boni - an Italian VC's View Opinion on What to Do During the Financial Crisis

Sorry to keep posting about the Financial Crisis but voices come really from everywhere about what to do, what's ahead for statups, etc.

Fausto Boni from 360 Capital Partners wrote a post addressing startups with some reccomandations:

- Increase reserve allocation to portfolio (to decrease for example reliance on co-investors whose liquidity might dry up)

- Raise more money rather than less if possible

- Request prompt scenario planning to portfolio…

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Wiki Collaboration on a New Height - Architecture!

We know online collaboration, crowdsourcing, wikis, folksonomy, mass collaboratio, etc... pretty well by now, but Studio Wikitecture is taking online wiki collaboration to a whole new level, bringing collaboration in the architectural process (yes, the process of designing a building!). Using wikis as a collaboration platform, Studio Wikitecture, recently won the Architecture for Humanity's… Continue

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Despite Recession Internet Advertising Still Growing

US online ad spending is expected to reach $ 24.9 billion in 2008 and $50 billion in the next 3 years. On August 14th, eMarketer revised the online ad spending for 2008 from $25.9 to $24.9. However they are now pointing out that, even in a down economy, online advertising will benefit from a 17.4% growth rate this year.…


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Total US VC Investment in 3rd Quarter - 2008 Down 7% Compared to the Same Period Last Year

TechCrunch published an interesting interactive charts showing total US VC investments in 3rd Quarter. Despite the huge amount of more than $ 7 billion, total investments are down 7% compared to the 2007 3rd Quarter. You can see the chart here below (mouse over each bar for more… Continue

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Silicon Valley and Economic Downturn - A Presentation by Sequoia Capital

In a period of financial uncertainty, Sequoia Capital, one of the legendary VC firm held an emergency meeting with its portofolios CEOs last week.You can find the presentation here below and the here all notes.The document is full of chart and data and explain the way how we reached this point how what Sequoia is gonna do.

You can find the presentation… Continue

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Three seminars on IT Security (Oct/Nov 2008)

Paolo just gave us the flyer for these events, so here it is for everyone of you!

This is about three seminars on IT Security, organized by Aizoon and Sviec as final meetings to close the Silicon Valley Study Tour 2008.

The dates/venues will be:

October 29th, 4:00pm, Politecnico di Torino

November 4th, 4:00pm, Universita' di Genova

November 11th, 4:00pm, Politecnico di Milano

You can download the flyer with all… Continue

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Youth Action for Change - Using the Web to Change the World

This is a great story, one of those stories I wished to read more often. Selene Biffi, a 26 years old Italian graduate from Bocconi University has done something really inspiring. She is the founder of Youth Action for Change, an e-learning platform which leverage the Web to teach young people worldwide on issues as community development and business.

As the webisite reads:

The "Youth Action for… Continue

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