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Silicon Valley Study Tour on Reuters Italy

The Reuters Italian website speaks about our Network in a technology article about "bridges" between Italy and the Silicon Valley.

Here is what article say about us:

"Ma c'è anche chi ha l'opportunità di imparare a Slicon Valley prima ancora della laurea.

"Far conoscere Silicon Valley prima della laurea è fondamentale. Noi dal 2005, grazie a Sviec, selezioniamo giovani brillanti di Università e Politecnici e li…


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‘Last day of work’: visita ad un' impresa familiare nell' era di Internet

Quando gli studenti di Ingegneria e Economia dell’Università di Genova partecipanti al Silicon Valley Study Tour hanno saputo che avrebbero visitato un ‘azienda di nome “Last Day of Work”, cioè “L’ultimo giorno di lavoro” hanno pensato si trattasse di uno scherzo, un gioco.


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Green Card Lottery to close on December 2, 2007

You can now apply for the Diversity Visa Program (DV-2009). The closing date is 12:00PM EST (GMT -5) on December 2, 2007.
No need to say this is a great change, if you have any long-term plans to work in the USA.
You can find all the informations and the application form on the U.S. Department of State website.

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First BarCamp La Storia nel Futuro-Genova, November 26th 2007

Monday, November 26th, 2007 5 to 7pm

Genoa University- Engineering Faculty, Via all'Opera Pia 15 A , Aula Magna

"1st BarCamp La Storia nel Futuro"…

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Trentinnovation Bar Camp

On the day 22nd of November in Trento will be organized the first Trentinnovation Bar Camp.( Link to site ) All the people interested in technology and innovation are invited. At this first happenings will be explained what is Trentinnovation, its objects for the future and the next meetings we want to organize. A video of the meeting will be available on the site/blog.…


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Italian developers, send your Android applications to Funambol

I know we frequently speak about Funambol, but Fabrizio Capobianco always comes out with something so good we can't ignore it. In one of the previous posts we spoke about the Google Android-Italian… Continue

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Adventures of our Heroes from Southern Liguria

Download Article.jpg

My dear friends!
Here is the article that narrates the adventurous tales of a group of young students...who found themselves in a spellbound little forest named Agnola near
a spellbound little village named Carro remembering their days in the far away

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Intervista a Marco Tortonese, presidente di VLSI Standards Inc.

Partenza da Genova e arrivo in Silicon Valley: la storia di Marco Tortonese, presidente di VLSI Standards Inc.A cura di La Storia nel Futuro®- Aizoon

Marco Tortonese, 44 anni, ingegnere…


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Funambol named one of the best start-ups in the world

Funambol, the mobile opensource company founded by Fabrizio Capobianco, has been named in the Red Herring 100 Global. Wow. By selecting only the best startups around the world, Red Herring 100 lists all the promising company of tomorrow. Just a…


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Google Android and Italy

Just a few days ago, Google released Android ,basically an open and free mobile platform which is likely to shake the whole mobile industry. Great.Even better: Google launched also the Android Developer Challenge which is "a Google-sponsored program that will provide $10 million in total awards for the best mobile apps built on the Android platform".The…


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What is the long tail really about?

Today I attended Chris Anderson' conference in Milan. He spoke about the Long Tail, and how it is affecting the Internet economy.Here you can read a brief description of the Long Tail. The moment of the Q&As came, I asked Chris Anderson what does he really think about the quality of the long tail. The first example I had in my mind is the blogosphere. For sure we can speak about a Long Tail of the blogosphere where… Continue

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Intervista a Vincenzo Giori, ad Siemens Italia

Interessante intervista a Vincenzo Giori, amministratore delegato di Siemens Italia.Siemens è presente nel nostro network grazie alla partecipazione di Alessando Zago capo del Siemens Technology-to-Business Center centro ricerche dell' azienda presso Berkeley per lo scouting di nuove…


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VideoInterview with Vinod Khosla

Sun Microsystems is one of the companies visited by the Silicon Valley Study Tour in 2006 and one of its co-founders Vinod Khosla is for sure an icon for the whole Silicon Valley. In 2004 he founded his own company: Khosla Ventures. Here you can view an interesting interview with him on entrepreneurship and cleantech.Enjoy..…


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Casual Games Part 2: "We' re all gamers now"

Casual gaming seems really to be a promising market. After our post on "How to make a game company", I read this post on the Lightspeed Venture Partners' blog as comment to a Goldman Sachs event with people from Oberon, Big Fish, Wild Target and… Continue

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How to make a casual game company

Last Day of Work is one of the companies we met during our Study Tour. LDW is an independent game studio specializing in casual games. The San Francisco based company is run by Arthur and Carla Humphrey and in the following slideshow they share with us how to create a casual game company and how…


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"1st BarCamp La Storia nel Futuro" - Genova, November 26th

On Monday November 26th, you will have the opportunity to know something more about the Silicon Valley Study Tour Network. The theme " who, how, when ...and then?" will be discussed by some of the Silicon Valley Study Tour partecipants such as Daniel Ferrara, Silvia DiGirolamo, Andrea Cillara Rossi ( from Paris-via Skype) . Discussion with…


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La Storia nel Futuro a Bologna

Logo dell'Università di Bologna - link alla home page del Portale

Lunedi 5 Novembre "La Storia nel Futuro" sarà presente presso l' Università di Bologna. In quell' occasione si parlerà del Silicon Valley Study Tour, con alcuni dei partecipanti dell' edizione del 2007. Di seguito potete trovare il programma completo dell' incontro.



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On startups and creating innovative products: slides by Vittorio Viarengo

At the end of the evening, Vittorio Viarengo was drawing on the whiteboard the best route from the Silicon Valley to the Big Sur. And that was only the final part of one the best meeting we had in our Study Tour in my opionion. Vittorio Viarengo, VP at Oracle Fusion Middleware Division, spoke to us for more than three hours straight, telling his story as founder of ViVi Software and his current role at Oracle. Here you can find both his presentations.… Continue

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The Bootstrapper's Bible by Seth Godin

Seth Godin is for sure one of my favourite business authors and many of you already knows him. Anyway, here you can find the complete "The Bootstrapper's Bible" e-book. It is very useful if you are just about to start your company. It doesn't say it all, and it won't help a lot your startup if you want to start an e-commerce company to sell books, a general search engine, or a video sharing website!! BUT it's full of example and fun to…


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Portrait of a serial entrepreneur

If you have ever bought something on Ebay or some more credit on your Skype account, probably you already know Max Levchin first company. Levchin was the co-founder of PayPal, later acquired by Ebay for $1.54 billion. These days Levchin,32, is CEO of, another very successful startup. The New York Times has a… Continue

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