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Brand and value our SVST on linkedin

Dear All,

as a SVST Alumnus of 2013, I am wondering how to properly describe in in our linkedin profile, for both value the experience we had and marketing the SVST brand; considering the huge number of our alumni today, a coordinate description and keyword use seems essential to me....and you what do you think?

Where should we place it? Education or experience section? How to properly describe it?

This is my first attempt: …


Added by Antonio Seminara on February 29, 2016 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

[IoT] The Industrial Internet

All, two very interesting articles about the internet of things, from a corporate standpoint:

-Harvard Business Review

"GE’s industrial internet is based on the newfound ubiquity of digital connectivity. Most information work is already digitized through the use of connected laptops and mobile devices. Now, with the growth of the “internet of things,” the pervasive deployment of digital sensors is extending digitization and connectivity to previously analog…


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Corporate entrepreneurship program: Does your company have one?

"transform a simple online suggestion box into a program that encouraged employees to behave like intrapreneurs (and their managers and executives as enablers), that could:

- Teach participants on how to turn their ideas into fundable… Continue

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Arduino: creation is child’s play

"We were looking for a story that could sum up all the fundamental ingredients of our magazine: resourcefulness, desire to change things, personal initiative, and technology. The fact that this story takes place in Italy it’s certainly an added plus.

Arduino, Its co-creator… Continue

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"Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies"

Dear all, here a free online classes from Uni of Maryland, but with exam and certificate!

"Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies"

Added by Antonio Seminara on March 21, 2013 at 11:35am — 2 Comments






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