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What Europeans can learn from the Silicon Valley

During our tour in the Silicon Valley, we've been told many time that what make the Valley such a successfull place is an ecosystems composed by many different factors. Indeed, in the past many Countries tried to create their own version of the Silicon Valley, often misunderstanding the key ingredients. Even if according to many people the Silicon Valley can't be copied there is still something we, as Europeans, can still learn from as Hervè Lebret says In his new book "Start-up. What we may still learn from Silicon Valley".
Bruno Giussani asked the author to list the 6 things we can still learn (you can read the whole post here):

1) Young, risk-taking individuals

2) Ambition and speed of execution

3) Good entrepreneurs-investors relationship

4) Experience: knowing how to go from the idea to the development and leveraging existing network of experienced people

5) The culture comes before the structure

6) Silicon Valley as a fluid cluster, made of very open people

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