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Here is the web definition of Core Values

In that I explain to you your Empire is whatever YOU want it to be. Its about doing great as a group.If you want to get to know me as a person and to know the type of company I am building, it is important for you to know that value that I hold the strongest. Focus on loyalty and relationships. It can be a few 100 thousands.As you learn to build your empire from myself, you will learn that I believe that life is all about relationship.

But I have taken it a notch would like to give quick tips to you, I thought I will share with you something that you can do on a weekends. It doesnt have to be hundreds and millions of dollars.This can be in anything, whether its to allow someone to cut in front of you in Traffic or to help someone start their business, or to be a shoulder when a friend needs some help.

So go make your core values and build your own empire. So check valve here are the five core values I developed that you will not only see in me but also in my business. Its an easy exercise and a great thing to do on a Sunday. In the email I told them that they know me the best. Then having an opportunity to do something that no one else has done or a once in a life time opportunity thats huge!

Here is the web definition of Core Values. Never stop challenging yourself.4. I want you to reach out to 10 of your closest friends, and send an email.I did an exercise recently and I think you should do it too.aniksingal. Personal, professional etc, but always be ready to challenge yourself.I was too keen to see the amazing culture that they had built in the company. But in the business you built it needs to reflect your personal core values that are very important.

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