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Paul Otellini, Ceo Intel Corp: a great emigration story, from Italy to California

     A “School case”: Paul Otellini, Intel Ceo

 One of the most significant examples of success of The Genius of Italians in the World is Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, a global leader in microprocessors and technological innovation.

The "Quiet Revolutionary" is how he has been  described  in the CalBusiness  Magazine of the Haas School of Business, on the  dedicated cover in winter 2007, and referred to the "Business Leader of the Year”. His story is rooted in a land never forgotten: Liguria, and is an emblematic case of the "American dream" come true for those who possess a high degree of tenacity, skill and intelligence. A parable that grandparents, immigrants of modest means, rises to the top of success in the short space of a few generations.

Liguria is the maternal branch, Debenedetti, a native of Castagnelo, which also belongs to Lorsica, a village near Genoa, recognized worldwide  in the past as the small capital of damask weaving.

There are a lot of Lorsica families emigrated to California, beginning of last century. One of them was  Paul grand ma 

 His family tree:

 Giuseppe Davide Debenedetti (1864 – 1944), son of Giovanni and Caterina Ferretti, born in Lorsica,

bride il 24/12/1890

Maria Rosa Debenedetti, daughter of Stefano and Pasqualina Lavezzo (1862 - 1940), born in Lorsica.

They were  peasant  also with processing activities to the frame for cheap fabrics.

 They had the following children:

1)     Stefano (1891 – 1961), born in Lorsica, emigrated in California and then returned in Lorsica e there died, bride Caterina Debenedetti. The couple born two sons:  Luigi Davide (1944), resident in Lorsica, and Sandro Giuseppe (1947).


2)     Maria Rosa Palmira (1893 - †), born in Lorsica and there died. Bride Giuseppe Segale. They have the following 6 sons:


 3)     Pasqualina Virginia, born in Lorsica il 3/12/1895, emigrated in California, in November 1919, where he died in the 80s of the twentieth century. In the US she married an Otellini from Barghe of Brescia Province.

Pasqualina Virginia is the grandmother of Paul Otellini. She worked as a seamstress while her husband was employed in the railway. He had a son, David, who in turn had two sons, Paul of Intel and Steven, a Catholic priest. Pasqualina Virginia returned several times to Lorsica, host of relatives. The first time in 1950 at age 55, wearing a rose on her dress to be recognized on the rail station. She had not seen his brother Stefano, returned to Italy, since 1922.  She did never forget  to help the relatives and to send gifts to grandchildren far away. Paul himself was visiting Lorsica while still a student, with his brother Steven.


 4)     Luigi, born in Lorsica il 27/9/1898, emigrated in United States.


5)     Linda, born in Lorsica il 5/1/1903 and there died 11/2/1991, nubile.


Stefano, who then return to Italy in 1922, was the first of the family to emigrate to San Francisco around 1912, then calling the brothers Luigi and Pasqualina Virginia, which will remain in the United States. Unlike his brothers, Stefano was illiterate, and for this reason the hat at the time of departure, inscribed his name. Accompanies a fellow woman villager who with five children goes to rejoin her husband emigrated. The journey was hard, a month of sea, often agitated, and a week by train from New York to San Francisco.

Paul Otellini's father, David was employed as a butcher.

 David did  Paul study  economy at USF, getting the degree in 1972. Than he got his MBA in 1974 in Haas School of business.

 Intel is the first company of Paul, who after the MBA from the Haas School of Business, will back up the hierarchy to the role of CEO reached in 2005.

In 2004, during a trip to Italy, in the headquarters of Intel Milan he received the honorary citizenship of the City of Lorsica. The homage was symbolized by a  grey stone key , from the area main source of income from the quarries  typical of the Val Fontanabuona, resting on a cushion of Damask,  tissue which made the small Lorsica world famous for the production of quality fabrics .

In 2010, acting  as CEO, announced the best result in Intel's history.

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