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Some just want a simple plant storage place from the winter months while others have built acres of greenhouses to house a swimming pool and terrarium for that "tropical" atmosphere so desired. This is really easy once the first few chicken coop questions are answered.Third, You will want to consider materials used.

Whoever does build your greenhouse you will want the proprietor to sit down with you to discuss what your needs will be as well as what your space and budget will allow. Pictures copyrighted and courtesy of SouthernGreenhouses.And last, what type of equipment will you need? Will you want a mister or humidifier and will you want aluminum benches or are the natural wood benches okay. Smaller to large greenhouses would be considered hobby greenhouses.

They should be able to help you with all of your growing adventures. You should also want a glass structure with the studiness of aluminum for those cold winter months up North. Is this structure strong and well-built made from glass or polycarbonate materials? Steve Reno of Southern Greenhouses who works with a manufacturing arm of Southern Greenhouses, claims that longevity is important and so the manufacturing and material of a greenhouse is a serious consideration.

If you are wanting to do more serious gardening you will want to have a commercial greenhouse structure.Next, in what location will you want your greenhouse? Do you have a small space and need a "lean-to" greenhouse, meaning, the structure leans against one wall of your house? This can prove to be healthy for the plants that may need less light and more warmth." says Reno..First, what will you want to grow? Will it be for hobby, for profit or for other reasons?

This will determine the size and the category.What type of Greenhouse Should I Build?Many people are interested in building an inside garden, and want the ability to use a Hobby Greenhouse Structure to achieve this but most are at a loss as to where to begin, used by permission only.As you can see, there are a lot of questions that go into planning a greenhouse. "You do not want something that is made of wood or plastic sheeting, especially if you live in the Southern Climates where there is a lot of humidity and possible wind damage. Talk to your greenhouse provider to determine what size you will need

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