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When Corrado and I first met in Redwood City, during the 2008 Silicon Valley Study Tour we had a burning desire to do something.

But then the story is pretty much always the same. You follow TechCrunch every single day and you read about people making their own web companies, selling them, making millions. Or you go to Silicon Valley and you get excited and you want to do something immediately. And you live every single day with the dream of your own company.

But then nothing happens.

You close TechCrunch and go back to work. You leave Silicon Valley and everything is still the same. You never get into action.

Well, after months of dreaming and talking we decided to see how reality looks like. We decided that if we wanted to do something interesting, spending our hours reading about the last Twitter Fail Whale was not a stree-smart strategy. So a few months ago we decide to get our hands dirty by creating our own little startup.

As I said we both attendend Silicon Vally Study Tour in 2008 and we kept in touch ever since. Actually I think one of the reasons we decided to create a company together is because we were both awake at 1 a.m. chatting on Skype!

We literally just started (the company is not incorporated yet) and as we know we will have lots of satisfactions we will probably have much more problems and hurdles. Therefore we are going to share with you what we are doing, our mistakes and our solutions in the hope this will make your work easier if, one day, you will decide to go from talking to doing.

The process for a startup is so complicated and unpredictable that it's impossible to provide you a "how-to" guide. And btw we are are not so arrogant to tell you the right way to make things. We are just going to show how we make them, be that right or wrong.

Follow us on our blog or on twitter. You can also sign-up for free on our mailing list.

We do hope you will enjoy the journey.

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Comment by paolo marenco on January 26, 2010 at 11:33am
Great Corrado yesterday in Genoa Conference, interest by the future attendees to Silicon Valley Studytour 2010
Comment by Giovanna Zaaruolo on January 26, 2010 at 10:15am
Congratulations Nik and Corrado!! I pretty much understand you since i feel in the same stealth mood you describe.. so cool you managed to pass into action! I look forward to know something more about it, and if i can help you in some ways just ask!






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