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Comment by Riccardo D'Amico on May 23, 2016 at 2:03pm

Here some inspiring insights from the video:

« Ultimately, it’s all about a cultural change progress. It’s about mindsets. If you are trying to build ecosystems, you gotta change the wiring in the human mind. Silicon Valley actually is not a place at all it’s a state of mind. States of mind are fundamentally what causes places like this to emerge. »

« Where ever you go, you can take the Silicon Valley spirit with you. »

« Fly to Silicon Valley, attend some events, meet a bunch of people, grow your network, learn from everyone, go back home and get to work. »

« If your city doesn’t help you. Start thinking out of the box. Be the pirate of your ecosystem. If you start shaping your behavior. If you start to be open and helpful, if you start thinking big, you will influence those who surround you. Welcome to the mindset that allows you to change the world. Welcome to Silicon Valley. »






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